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Looking to find money for college?
Corporations, non-profit organizations, and private providers all offer a number of ways to help students pay for a college education. While many students believe they have no choice but to take out student loans for college, that is not the case. Students in need of scholarships can find a few of them here.  Browse through the scholarship list below to find the scholarship for you!

Scholarships could change your eligibility for other sources of financial aid. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at or 913-682-5151 ext. 6450.

Sallie Mae Scholarship Search Tool (.pdf, 581K)
Entertainment Blogging Scholarship $1,000 (.pdf, 23K)
Mesothelioma Help Essay Scholarship Contest (.pdf, 1247K)
Tuition Won't Stop Me: College Scholarship (.pdf, 574K)
Look Twice, Save a Life Scholarship (.pdf, 87K) has recently released a scholarship available to the University of Saint Mary Students.

American Indian Graduate Center Scholarship (.pdf, 7594K)
Undocumented Students: Tips & Scholarship Resources (.pdf, 88K)
Eva Willaims Memorial Scholarship: University of Saint Mary Graduate Programs (.pdf, 160K)
College Scholarships and Resources for Women (.pdf, 135K)
GoodCall Private Scholarhsip Database (.pdf, 89K)
The Tree Center Scholarship $500.00 (.pdf, 238K)
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Scholarships: Undergraduate & Graduate Students Apply In JANUARY (.pdf, 107K)
National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs Scholarship Due May 31, 2016 (.pdf, 261K)
Save The Internet Scholarship Online Essay Submit by 12/17/2015 (.pdf, 85K)
Ensurify Safe Dricing Scholarship Deadline January 15, 2016 (.pdf, 226K)
The Mensa Foundation Scholarship Progam Opens Sept. 15 Closes Jan. 15 (.pdf, 143K)
NRC Research Associateship Programs 2016 Deadlines 2/1, 5/1, 8/1,11/1 (.pdf, 106K)
Wichita Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance submit by 3.1.2016 (.pdf, 171K)
SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Deadlines Approaching Soon!!!! (.pdf, 95K)
Addiction Resource Scholarship (Due May 31, 2016) (.pdf, 194K)
A Better America (.pdf, 96K)
Addiction Resource (.pdf, 161K)
Art of Wellbeing (.pdf, 82K)
B.Davis (.pdf, 115K)
Brown PC (.pdf, 172K)
Cinco De Mayo (.pdf, 285K)
CPW Law (.pdf, 176K)
Financial Aid for Minority Students (.pdf, 6K)
Funding Your Nursing School (.pdf, 142K)
Future Teacher (.pdf, 82K)
Go Grad (.pdf, 139K)
Go Marketing (.pdf, 181K)
GOEDEKERS (.pdf, 83K)
Go Grad (.pdf, 6K)
GreenPal (.pdf, 6K)
Jovan Johnson (.pdf, 93K)
Law offices of Joel J (.pdf, 169K)
LPN Scholarships (.pdf, 199K)
Mometrix Test Prepatation (.pdf, 233K)
Nursing (.pdf, 173K)
Sage Software (.pdf, 83K)
St. John Scholarship (.pdf, 152K)
The Max Memorial Education Scholarship (.pdf, 177K)
TravelNursing (.pdf, 152K)
Urban Mattress (.pdf, 263K)
Zumper Apartment Rental Search (.pdf, 58K)
KICF 2016-17 Scholarship Application.pdf (.pdf, 248K)
Men.pdf (.pdf, 146K)
SeniorAdvisor.pdf (.pdf, 7K)
EZstorit.pdf (.pdf, 147K)
J Brandt Scholarship.pdf (.pdf, 167K)
Kansas Section American Eater Works Association.pdf (.pdf, 236K)
MassMutual (Application deadline May 3, 2013) (.pdf, 1471K)
Scholarship for Military Children (Application dealine Feb 22, 2013) (.pdf, 2253K)
Herbert & Elberta Adams Scholarship (Application deadline April 30, 2013) (.pdf, 951K)
Buick Achievers Scholarship (Application deadline Feb, 28 2013) (.pdf, 113K)
Stay Fit in College (Application deadline Feb 7th) (.pdf, 61K)
American Society of Women Accountants (Application deadline March 1, 2013) (.pdf, 35K)
African-American Monumental Life Settlement Scholarship (open) (.pdf, 501K)
College Goal Sunday (.pdf, 601K)
James B. Pearson Fellowship (Application deadline April 1, 2013) (.pdf, 1732K)
St. John's University Grad Opportunity Scholarship (.pdf, 4706K)
Degree Directory: Student Saver Scholarship (.pdf, 399K)
Sussle: Not Your Usual Scholarship (.pdf, 4640K)
2013 Mesothelioma Scholarship (Deadline: October 14, 2013) (.pdf, 782K)
Scholarship Experts (Deadline: November 30, 2013) (.pdf, 30K)
Scholarship Guidance (Deadline May 2014) (.pdf, 100K)
The Drive to Learn Scholarships (Deadline March 2014) (.pdf, 297K)
USBundles (Deadline: December 18, 2013) (.pdf, 938K)
Talbots Women´s Scholarship (Deadline Jan 20, 2014) (.pdf, 56K)
Global Grant for Graduate Students (Deadline April 1, 2014) (.pdf, 509K)
Ambassador Scholarship for Graduate student (Deadline April 1, 2014) (.pdf, 199K)
Terry L McKanna Scholarship Application 2014 (Deadline May 2014) (.pdf, 100K)
Fitness Awareness Scholarship- September 2014 (.pdf, 118K)
e College Fitness Scholarship (.pdf, 127K)
Rocky Law Firm DUE MARCH 31, 2015 (.pdf, 148K)
GreenPal Scholarship (.pdf, 4K)
Excel Builders Scholarship (.pdf, 64K) Scholarship (.pdf, 90K)
Military Scholar (.pdf, 859K)
Kansas Hospital Education & Research Foundation (.pdf, 1378K)
Mometrix Scholarship (.pdf, 528K)
Buick Achievers Scholarship 2015 (.pdf, 349K)
Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 2015 (.pdf, 789K)

Please contact the Financial Aid Office by sending an email to if you wish to complete the Chamber of Commerce Scholarship application.

2015 Cushing Scholarship (.pdf, 53K)
ASCO Numatics: Engineering/Industrial Automation (Deadline 4/3/2015) (.pdf, 700K)
St.JohnsUniveristy.MastersGraduateTeaching (Deadline April 1, 2015) (.pdf, 47K)
Undocumented Students: SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES (.pdf, 301K)
Commerce Bank Scholarship Giveaway March 9-August 31, 2015 (.pdf, 230K)
Women's Chamber-KCK Women's Scholarship-Non-Traditional Student (.pdf, 143K)
Lending Tree Scholarship Deadline 7/15/2015 (.pdf, 109K)
Chipolte Scholarship Deadline MAY 31, 2015 (.pdf, 209K)
GoodCall Scholarship Deadline 7/31/2015 (.pdf, 359K)
PDFFiller Scholarship Deadline June 30, 2015 (.pdf, 87K)
Mesothelioma Essay Scholarship Due October 9, 2015 (.pdf, 228K)
Thrivent Credit Union Scholarship Due by August 31, 2015 (.pdf, 57K)
Just Porter Backpacks Scholarship (Dealines 8/31/15 & 01/15/2016 (.pdf, 358K)
Thumbtack $5,000.00 Scholarship (.pdf, 165K)
ChameleonJohn Scholarship (.pdf, 173K)
Commerce Bank Scholarship Sweepstakes DEADLINE 12/31/2015 (.pdf, 104K) Scholarship Deadline Dec. 31, 2015 (.pdf, 160K)
The Herbert Q. Adams & Elberta E. Adams Scholarship Fund 2016-2017 (.pdf, 62K)
Scholarships for Military Children (due Feb. 12, 2016) (.pdf, 139K)
James B. Pearson Fellowship Deadline 4/1/2016 (.pdf, 73K)
Leavenworth Lansing Women's Division Scholarship Flier DUE March 25, 2016 (.pdf, 178K)
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