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USM campus email & eSpire:

Email is the primary means that USM will use to communicate with you. eSpire is USM’s Learning Management System. Both email and eSpire are web-based applications. So, you can get to them from anywhere you can access the Internet.  

Where can students print?

If you are logged into the USM network you will be able to print in the library and Academic Resource Center (ARC) laser printers. You can print up to 500 pages per year and if you need more you can buy an additional 250 pages for $10. If you can make it to the library or Academic Resource Center (ARC) while they are open, you may not need a printer. Note: We do not allow computers with P2P applications on the USM network.

Network Access:

All of our classrooms, De Paul Library, Saint Joseph Dining Hall and the Student Union have wireless internet access. The wireless network was recently expanded to include the dorm rooms in Maria Hall as well.  We have a 10 Mbps connection to the Internet.